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Tenesha, my agent at Alandale Insurance, has helped me so much over the last year. When I first switched over to Kemper and then my daughter moved away I had a lot of issues and a total lack of understanding. She was so patient with me and keep talking to me until i finally understood. She never lost patience with me and frankly that is a miracle. I was like that pest who won’t go away. Anyway everyone that i have had any contact with has been so helpful and have always extended excellent customer service. I was a director of customer service at Western Financial for 5 years so i have high expectations. Thanks to all. Ann.
Ann Michael
Tenesha, my Alandale agent, responded to my request for quotes immediately. After examining my current coverage she pointed out where I was underinsured or completely lacking coverage that left me very vulnerable. Her quotes covered all of my needs at a greatly reduced price. She is a wonderfully caring, personable, experienced professional. Alandale is fortunate to have her on their team. I am so glad that I found her and will recommend her to all with complete confidence.
Barbara Graeler
I called around to get quotes on my motorcycle insurance. I was subjected to long hold times, insurance advisors who knew very little about what I was looking for. Tricia listen to what I wanted and responded promptly with my quote both verbally and in an email so I could review. Thank you Tricia for your professional help and surpassing my needs for insurance!
Charles Rollins
We have received terrific service for close to 20 years — home, auto, umbrella — and Melanie deserves the lion’s share of the credit! Always looking after our needs and saving us money and being proactive to make sure we have the right coverage.
Dale Giali
Yolie is the most knowledgeable and most courteous…and she helped me achieve the best rate with the best insurance agency…Alandale Insurance Agency…I would never consider insurance with an agency other than Alandale and Mercury because of the great customer service.
David Smallwood
I called in the morning because I needed to add a recently bought car to my policy. I had forgotten my son had an appointment at the DMV and needed proof of insurance. I figured the transaction was going to make me late to work. But she did it so quick I couldn’t believe it. She even emailed me a copy of the proof which I quickly printed out and we were all on our way. I so appreciate this whenever I have to call my credit card company or cable company it seems like they are so busy trying to be polite and repeating my name back to me “Yes, Dawn Januszka” and “Thank you Dawn Januszka” I dread the phone call because it takes 30+ minutes to do anything. This was so nice and quick and in this busy age I really appreciate things getting done fast. Thanks, Ellie!, Yes, Alandale can use my comments for promotional purposes.
Dawn Januszka
Alandale cares about our needs, responds promptly and makes you feel like a million dollar customer!!! Personal service is hard to find now a days. But with Joe, our agent, he will deliver even after work hours. He called me on my cell, while I was on a trip and out of town, to let me know, I forgot to mail my premium. Where can you get such service??? Allandale Insurance, with Joe!!!! I have been a customer for so many years (you can check my file) and have recommended and will continue recommending Joe  for their Insurance needs. Keep it up Joe!!!
Deannah Delfin
Tricia London has always been pleasant and eager to help every time I have spoken with her over many years. I actually look forward to calling her when I need her assistance. She always has the correct answers and assists in ways that are beyond her job description.
Dolores DuRoss
Danielle, my agent from Alandale, has been instrumental in helping me research and find out what and where I had to go to obtain my flood certificate. She made phone calls to her contacts within the flood agency requiring me to obtain this insurance..I have learned a lot from her by her diligence to help me getting through the red tape and answering my questions. You have a top rated agent within your ranks! Thanks
Genevieve Griego
Danielle has been paramount in helping me figure out on how to get a new policy with Alandale. She has kept in close contact with me throughout the entire process and has been nothing short of effective and professional. She has answered every trivial question that I have asked her and has been so timely with documentation and responses. When my policy was up for renewal she called me personally and helped me along the way. If it wasn’t for her help I would be with another company. Her performance and dedication to customer service is some of the best I have ever dealt with. I know that my family and I will be a long time customer with this company if there are more employees such as Danielle leading the way.
Harry Heng
My Mortgage company was requesting more flood insurance coverage. Called Alandale and spoke with Ellie, she handled the problem immediately. I was able to get the new coverage, pay the additional amount for the new coverage all over the phone. Not only is it nice to deal with a “live” person, but also one that was so efficient and willing to help. Thanks to Alandale!
Jana Kasler
Tenesha adds great value to Alandale. From the first time I called in I can tell that she cared and went out of her way to help me get the best policy. I have referred family and friends to Tenesha and they all feel the same way. Just recently I referred 4 new people for a quote and I know with her excellent service and experience in this industry she will gain their trust and business. I’m a Regional Director and part of an executive management team so I always give recognition to the staff that goes above and beyond. I highly recommend Tenesha. Thank you.
Jessica Sigala
I called to change/update my Policy. I expected them to provide what I needed and later get a call back. Ellie, the account manager who helped me, took the time to keep me on the phone and take care of all my issues. she even made me aware of additional discounts that I may qualify for. Although Ellie was just doing her job, this kind of positive attitude and willingness to help any customer is a testament to Ellie and Alandale is lucky to have someone on their team that cares about their customers.
Jessie Flores
I continue to be completely satisfied with the service that I receive from your office. Mark Harvey has helped me numerous times and his service is always outstanding. He is a pleasure to work with.
Judith Purtle
We recently moved to California from Colorado and Tricia took a personal interest in making sure all of our insurance needs aligned with our house closing and other insurance needs. When so much is happening so quickly it became apparent that Tricia was on top of every detail. We will definitely recommend her services to others.
Kathy Vanar
Tenesha, my new agent, did a great job analyzing my Home Owner and Auto Policy. We were able to merge my Homeowners policy onto Mercury ultimately saving me approximately $600 per year on auto and home with more coverage.
Kenneth Boes
She went beyond her call of duty to send my insurance documents over to another insurance company so that I could get a refund. She was patient and kind with helping me get my new car insured!!!!
LaNeishae Johnson
I am a long time Alandale customer. I called in to try and save some money on my auto insurance policy. Yolie was able to help me save $329.00!!!!! Yolie was so nice and helpful. I will certainly continue to be an Alandale customer for years to come. Thank you Alandale!
Leslie Rhodes-Melton
Knowing that my financial situation is tenuous right now, Yolie went out of her way, thinking and re-thinking of several different ways she could save me money on my insurance. I was so impressed (1) with her knowledge of the products, but (2) that she personally put so much of herself into my situation to help me. She could have just gone with what the computer spit out, but instead she delved into each and every corner, each time coming up with another way to achieve my goals at a lesser price. What an asset she is for Alandale.
Michael Halpern
John, my new agent at Alandale Insurance, has consistently stayed in contact with me and reviewed my policy to offer his advice and make sure I am properly covered. First time in over 40 years I have a real “Insurance Agent” looking after my best interests and keeping me up to date. Fabulous customer service!
Mike Schaper
Joe from Alandale, assisted us in getting life insurance for our three children and did an amazing job doing it all in a matter of 2-3 days to get coverage. He is very polite and is very professional. We just want to thank him for his excellent service. Aside to that, he returns phone calls promptly and provides us the assistance and paperwork we need to get the job done. Thank you, Joe!
Patricia Corbilla
Joe has always had outstanding customer service. Whenever i need to reach him, he is always there. He always cuts to the chase to give me the best rate possible. He is upfront and honest. I pull all my trust in Joe and Alandale with my insurance needs. I’ve even sent referrals to Joe for his outstanding service.
Peter Chung
Danielle has really helped me. She has spent extra time explaining all my policies to me. I have many policies and Danielle has juggled things around to save me money while not sacrificing my coverage. She always calls back when promised and is not to proud to reject insight from others. I am very comfortable here and plan on staying here because of the service from her.
Philip Dohrman
Tricia listened to our need and concern regarding my home insurance’s quote and found exactly what fit us best Tricia answered my many questions with understanding and patience. I appreciate her professionalism and outstanding client services. Thank you so much Tricia. You are the best!
Quynh Nguyen
Tenesha has and continues to do an outstanding job for me. Returns calls promptly and handles all requests very proficiently. Makes shopping for insurance a breeze. Come to think of it, I haven’t really done much price shopping; have just given Tenesha the business because I know that she’ll get it handled without hassle or delay.
Ron Drolet
We have several homes and 7 cars and for the life of me I cannot keep them in order. Thank G-d for Tricia and her reminders and her patience with me. She goes out of her way to make things easier for me and never make me feel like my endless call are a bother.
Shannon Magid
Tenesha Riley, my agent at Alandale, is always so together, she does what i need so quickly and always with a great smile and attitude, She makes me feel like I’m her only customer. She is very knowledgeable as well. A gem.
Shelby Barron
Above and beyond the call of duty, Alandale Insurance and Melanie the account manager helped me reduce my policy by changing carriers, then when the materials didn’t arrive a couple of days later she phoned to remind me I was going to be uncovered. I raced over to Kinko’s to properly fax the application and she immediately emailed the OK plus the new cards for me to print out. This morning she called to clarify the check’s routing number to avoid me needing to re-fax the documents and check. She saved me, was gracious and pleasant the whole time, I felt cared for and will remain with Alandale forever!
Susan Redfield
First rate professionalism, great responsiveness! Full understanding of the problem and the ability to resolve quickly. Great attitude! Outstanding performance by Tricia London and a tremendous asset to the organization. Pleasure to work with!
Tom North
Care & Kindness can go along way and Melanie at Alandale Insurance treated me with such respect as a customer. I really appreciate that.
Warren Takahashi
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